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On September 9, 2012, 'Voyager 2 was 99. 077 AU (1. 48217×1010 km; 9. 2098×109 mi) from the Earth and 99. 504 AU (1. 48856×1010 km; 9. 2495×109 mi) from the Sun; and traveling at 15. 436 km/s (34,530 mph) (relative to the Sun) and traveling outward at about 3. 256 AU per year. Sunlight takes 13. 73 hours to get to Voyager 2. The brightness of the Sun from the spacecraft is magnitude -16. 7. Voyager 2 is heading in the direction of the constellation Telescopium. [dubious – discuss] (To compare, Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, is about 4. 2 light-years (or 2. 65×105 AU) distant. Voyager 2's current relative velocity to the Sun is 15. 436 km/s (55,570 km/h; 34,530 mph). This calculates as 3. 254 AU per year, about 10% slower than Voyager 1. At this velocity, 81,438 years would pass before Voyager 2 reaches the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, were the spacecraft traveling in the direction of that star. (Voyager 2 will need about 19,390 years at its current velocity to travel a complete light year)

Sixteen hydrazine MR-103 thrusters on the mission module provide attitude control. [19] Four are used to execute trajectory correction maneuvers; the others in two redundant six-thruster branches, to stabilize the spacecraft on its three axes. Only one branch of attitude control thrusters is needed at any time. [20]Five new research papers detail Voyager 2's observations since it exited the heliosphere, or the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by our Sun.This is a real-time indicator of Voyagers' distance from Earth in astronomical units (AU) and either miles (mi) or kilometers (km). Voyager 2 – The Search for Life In Space Heliosphere - Wikipedia Wenonah Voyager Photos – Paddle People Programme Voyager — Wikipédia Star Trek Grand Slam 2000 Photos Air Flow Around A High Speed Train - Stuart Rees 2003 Silva compass - Wikipedia Cherwell Valley line - Wikipedia Royal Liberty School - Wikipedia Fiat Ulysse – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia Rues de Bourges | Bourges est une ville qui a gardé son ... Plaza del Castillo Pamplona pictures Navarra , Iruña ... Quartier Guéliz de Marrakech (7) | Les beaux quartiers de ... Welcome []

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